Global School Play Day was an idea introduced to me by Mr. Theriault through a Ted Talk  he showed us in class. Although due to complications I was absent the day he organized our play I still wanna disclose the lack of play we face. I never grew up with many toys not because we couldn’t afford them, in that sense I was very fortunate at the time, but I never asked for them. I enjoyed the ability to run around and create my own entertainment. Often I was surrounded by lots of trees that grew really tall so I spent most of my days not really on the ground. As for kids now, when ever family events are held if you wanna know where you child is the first place you look is in the living room face engrossed in an iPad or something of the sort. Although I am grateful for the improvements in our lives because of the boom in technological advancements this however, has greatly impacted the lives of kids and their lack of play.  As you progress in your education throughout the years, your work becomes for tedious and tiresome it ultimately sucks the life out of you if you wanna be realistic. Not only should the kids in middle school and elementary be given more free time but high school kids especially. Think about it most high schoolers have on average 5 to 6 classes a day with only one 30 minute break and all those work hours are not even including extracurriculars.  Scientists have mentioned that students should be starting school at 10 a.m. because of the amount of work that is put upon us. Allowing the student to clear their mind without compensating the start of school hours play is the only and best way to spend your time. 


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