The Cather in the Rye: She’s very emotional, for a child. She really is. Something else she does, she writes books all the time. Only, she doesn’t finish them. (pgs 76)

My brother who is 5 years older than me would always tell me that I was too aware. He would say that me even as a 5 year old I would stand on my toes and act 20. Ironically Holden’s sister Phoebe ended up living in New York which is a place I’ve always pictured myself living in. In my life currently, as a junior, college majors are heavily being forced in our faces. More so the college aspect than the major but its all the same. I always thought of myself being a creative writer or a musician but both of those career paths are looked down upon even though it takes a heavy amount of taxing work to be successful. My brother jumped around from school to school which ultimately made him not want to go to college because he was so sick of it. He reminds me very much of Holden because this book shows the train of thought Holden has throughout his days making it seem as though he thinks more than he wants to speak. My brother Andrew, you’d rarely ever hold a proper conversation with him mostly because he doesn’t want to talk. This in a way forced us to bond through writing rather than verbal communication. I would have him proof read my stories and he would write on the margins what he thought. He would tell me if my hands could keep up with my thoughts I would’ve written a book big enough to be under some category in the Guinness book of World Records. However this being said he knew my greatest weakness was never completing a story. Truth be told I never liked to finish a story because I never wanted to let that little world I created go that’s also why I have so much trouble reading and completing books. Phoebe and Holden have a relationship much like my brother Andrew and I do my only hope is that when I go away to college that he still proof reads my stories. Although this song is well known I want to show it to you anyway here’s Andrew’s favorite song.


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